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Humane Nuisance Wildlife Solutions

Your home is your palace....let us help you.

Capture & Removal


We offer humane capture and removal of nuisance wildlife from your home or property with the use of exclusion, live traps, and other wildlife tools depending on your situation's specific needs. 


bats raccoon squirrel opossum wildlife animal rodent mice exclusion trapping repair groundhog

Wildlife can be a nuisance to your home with the destruction they can cause like creating holes in your home or chewing through fences in the yard. Once evicted, we have the skills and experience necessary to repair the damages that were created by your unwanted guests. 


bats raccoon squirrel opossum wildlife animal rodent mice exclusion trapping repair groundhog

As we expand our civilizations into wildlife territory, it is our duty to co-exist with the wildlife as much as possible. Preventing the wildlife from entering our homes is key to the success of this co-existence. We have the knowledge, experience, tools, and passion to inspect and work with you to create a plan to prevent nuisance wildlife from damaging your palace while keeping the animals' best interests in mind as well even if it just entails installing a chimney cap, fencing off under a shed, or installing a bat house.

About Our Wildlife Specialist


"My journey in this field began  when I graduated from the Building Trades Program at Manchester  Community College in 2005 where I then became a self-employed carpenter  and subcontractor. In 2012, I decided to expand my  career and joined a pest control company which soon led to working with  nuisance wildlife. In January of 2016, I decided to take my career to  the next level and opened up Bump In The Night Wildlife Services LLC.
          I chose to work in  this industry because a love for saving animals and helping people,  combined with carpentry skills, makes being a nuisance wildlife  specialist extremely fulfilling. This is a career where I get to take my  passion and skills and use them for a good cause. What more can someone  ask for in a job? My goal as a business owner is to stand out from  other similar companies with my compassion for the wildlife as well as  my desire to not only take care of the customers' concerns but also to  problem solve in order to help prevent future problems, thus helping the  customer from the financial burden that nuisance wildlife can cause."  -Pj Lanouette


  • 7 Years Wildlife Experience
  • 17 Years Carpentry

Education, Certificates, & Accomplishments

With our wildlife experience and use of live animal traps, exclusion doors, and other wildlife tools followed up with carpentry skills, we can take care of all your nuisance wildlife needs. Contact us!